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Snow Leopard

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For a very good reason I suddenly stopped posting. I failed to install Snow Leopard on my computer and managed to lose all the content of my HD. Thankfully, the most important bit of data, hundreds of pictures, were still on my camera’s SD card. I also managed to save all my songs by rescuing them from my ipod. It was also a relief that most of my drawings were available online. This is one of the biggest incentives of posting your own content online: one more backup.

I’ve got a little tale of luck due to Brazilian inefficiency. Depressed due to the probability of having lost the hard disk, I was desperate seeking help. Searched online on my brother’s laptop only to find problems similar to mine, but not exactly the same. A couple days passed by and I realized that at least I wasn’t as anguished I thought I would be. Thinking about the contents of my HD, only the photos seemed precious. Unable to fix by myself, I resorted to Apple’s authorized assistance (Tropical Mac) here in Recife. For about three days if I recall correctly, I tried to get a budget, but the guy responsible was never there and he didn’t respond to my e-mail. Annoyed by their complete lack of attention, I spoke to my friend Daniel and he said I should speak to a friend and band member of one of his partner’s at Mooz. We explained exactly what happened and instantly he knew what was wrong. The problem wasn’t the HD. The problem was that I turned off the computer in the middle of Snow Leopard’s installation. Therefore the computer wasn’t using either the new or the old OS. He told me to try to install it again. I would lose all the content of my hard disk, but at least it wasn’t damaged. Tried to re-install it and it worked. The next day, I received a phone call from Tropical Mac saying that they sent me the budget through e-mail. 250GB HD for an iMac: R$630 + R$120 (service). While reading their message, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was of relying on Brazilian inefficiency. If they had answered me on the same day I called, I would have paid this absurd price because I thought that it was the only solution.


Written by rti9

February 24, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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