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Hime-chan no Ribbon & SMAP

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SMAP is probably one of the most popular idol groups ever in Japan, but back in 1992 they were still struggling. To promote them in the beginning of the 90’s, they were given the opportunity to sing the opening and ending themes of a magical girl show called Hime-chan no Ribbon (姫ちゃんのリボン). They also make a brief appearance in the show as themselves. The protagonist of the story, Himeko Nonohara, has the careless idea of transforming herself into SMAP band members to please the audience. She ends up causing a major uproar in her school and is forced to flee.

This is the SMAP poster seen once inside Himeko’s room.

These are promotional materials of SMAP singles from 91 to 94 for comparison with their image in the anime.

While I was living in Japan, they released their best-selling single: 世界に一つだけの花 (Sekai Hitotsu Dake no Hana). It became the ninth best-selling single ever in Japan with over 2,5 million CDs sold. This song played everywhere I went to during that year.

Tarou Nonohara, Himeko’s father, is a film director and 星のロマンス (Hoshi no Romansu) is one of his films that goes to the theaters during the show.

While Himeko and her friends are waiting for Daichi Kobayashi, male protagonist of the story, this shot from the front of the theater revealed a fictitious Alien 4 poster. Alien 3 had been released in May of 1992. Himeko-chan’s Ribbon started airing in October of 92. They were right to think that there were more sequels to come, they only didn’t count that the next installment would be named Alien Resurrection instead.


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