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Fuji TV Building

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A famous tourist spot was recently utilized on a TV series I’m currently watching. I recognized it since not long ago I took pictures of it while at Tokyo.

Fuji TV Headquarters as seen on episode 9 of 空中ブランコ (Kūchū Buranko) a.k.a. Trapeze. Fuji TV is the broadcaster of the show.

Above is Dr. Irabu, a peculiar psychiatrist and main character of the TV series. I should probably have written about it on my wordpress post about favorite shows from 2009, but my problem with the show is that it could definitely have been much better. The visual presentation is very distinct, but not impressive. Each episode features a different patient, thus allowing the viewer to watch them in any given order. Some episodes are very good, some barely average. The young director, Kenji Nakamura, worked on one of most impressive series I saw this decade, Mononoke.

This is a picture I took of the building which is located at Odaiba, a huge artificial island. To reach it, most people probably take the monorail which was created just to give access to it. The atmosphere at the island is sort of weird. It feels like a huge amusement park people only go to work or entertain themselves. Reminded me a bit of Brasilia. Maybe Las Vegas feels the same.


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December 22, 2009 at 7:33 am

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